JUST BREATHE is the first modern mindfulness community in the heart of the UK
A place where people of like-mind can come together to get quiet & sit in the stillness

Join us at our monthly events, workshops & Grand Gatherings where we bring mindfulness to the masses and turn the volume down on the everyday chaos

We've started a new conversation London, and it's only getting quieter.


Whether you're brand new to Meditation or have a regular daily practice, join us at our monthly gatherings as we create the space to meditate.
This is a come-as-you-are event, all are welcome. Come straight from work, come with your friends, come because you're interested, come because you want to know more. Each event we step into the stillness and create space in our every day lives. All you have to do is, JUST BREATHE
No meditation experience is required

Grand Gathering
Join us at one of our Grand Gatherings where the whole community comes together to sit still and find quiet away from the hectic chaos of city living. A night of live music, an introduction to mindfulness and a group meditation. A charity evening not to be missed.

About the Vision
JUST BREATHE was the vision of Michael James Wong, Global Yogi & Wellness Warrior whose passion & mission is to help bring mindfulness to the masses.
Join him, and an amazing group of leaders, guides, facilitators & musicians as we continue to turn the volume down in London.

Participate in a workshop where we go deeper into the world of mindfulness & meditation. With discussion, techniques & intimate Q&A, these workshops are for people ready to wake up to more, and shift towards a mindful way of living.

Help us Spread the Message
In the modern world, we're only as strong as our ability to connect, first to ourselves and to the community around us. We all know someone who needs a less stress & more breath in their lives, so help us by liking, sharing, following and talking about @justbreathelondon 

Watch the Video
Get inspired by our growing community of Breathers by watching the video from our first ever London gathering. Join us for the next one!
Yes you can sit with us #justbreathelondon

Practice on the App
We are proud to support 1 Giant Mind to bring you a Meditation App for the masses that allows you to practice anytime, anywhere.
Learn simple techniques and celebrate mindful moments on the go or in the comfort of your own home.

And don't forget to like our Facebook page Just Breathe London & follow us on instagram @justbreathelondon
All our efforts are for you and this community and helping to support our charity partner mind.org.uk


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