Founded by Modern Meditator & Wellness Warrior, Michael James Wong  JUST BREATHE is on a mindful mission to create calm in the city of London.
These days the world is moving too fast & we need to slow down. We need to cultivate quiet in our everyday lives.
With an aim to gather the masses, the vision is simple, to create a community that wants to do less, to slow down and enjoy,
the lean in & turn chaos to calm in the city we call home. And it's working.

Launched in September 2016, our aim was simple, to bring together a small group of people who were ready to step into less, but over 200ppl showed up.
We weren't ready, but they were! And it was epic. At that moment we knew London was ready.  Almost 1 year later and now in full stride, our events, workshops & Grand Gatherings are an oasis of space for Londoners to step into less... spread out throughout the city, our Grand Gathering aim to infiltrate the fabric of London, to turn the volume down. We've started this quiet conversation, and it's only getting less.

The Grand Gathering are an evening of live music, spirited discussion & a mass meditation.
Our workshops vary from a few hours to a few days, with smaller groups that give people the chance to learn the techniques & tools to dig deeper,
get connected and shift your everyday way of living.

Join us next month as we bring together the community to sit and find stillness. It’s time to JUST BREATHE.
Come and sit with us see how things change for the better.

Everyone is welcome, the modern meditation movement is now, it's time to wake up and step into your life. 

Community . Connection . Quiet

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