Why work out, when you can work in? 

Welcome to the QUIET CLUB, our weekly group meditation & modern mindfulness session
In today's society we put so much focus on our physical wellbeing, going to the gym, yoga, pilates, running, cycling and so much more, but how much attention are we giving our mental wellbeing.  Starting in October, JUST BREATHE will be launching The QUIET CLUB, a weekly session where our community can come together to find space and stillness. With a similar experience to The Grand Gathering, but with a more intimate vibe, each Quiet Club will be a chance for a weekly check in on your own quiet space. 

How it works? 
Quiet Club will be Monday Evenings, 7:00 - 9:00pm
And will be hosted by the Just Breathe Facilitators

Each week, QUIET CLUB will take place in a London location, with each week event rotated between East, North, West & South London

Oct 9th, Monday : North London /// Museum of Happiness
Oct 16th, Monday : North London /// Museum of Happiness
Oct 23rd, Monday : West London /// Huckletree West
Oct 30th, Monday : West London /// Huckletree West

November 6th, Monday : East London // JuJu Bar & Stage
November 13th, Monday : North London // Museum of Happiness
November 20th, Monday : Grand Gathering Volume 7, No Quiet Club)
November 27th, Monday : South London

December 4th, Monday : East London
December 11th, Monday : North London
December 18th, Monday : West London

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Ticket Sales
Please note ticket sales from the Quiet Club are for profit events supporting the operational costs and growth of Just Breathe.
Our Grand Gatherings are the only completely for charity events by Just Breathe.
Thank you for your on going support